Weight Worries? Coming Up with The Right Game Plan

Weight Worries? Coming Up with The Right Game Plan

We live in a time where the emphasis on health has never been greater. The Internet has allowed the health industry to grow and raise awareness on weight loss/fitness. For example, it’s so much easier to research and learn more about long-term health care in order to live a more enjoyable life. Companies are making millions of dollars selling custom programs, supplements, and equipment.[1]

Even with the growing awareness on health care, you still run into days where you want to indulge. We all go on binges, which in the long run cause us to add a few pounds above our ideal weight. It doesn’t help that you have certain periods throughout the holiday where you slow down on working out and enjoy the diverse food selection. Christmas is a great example where we tend to indulge more than before…right?

Today, we’ll be looking at ways to come up with the right game plan to conquer weight gain. We’ll look at the steps you should be taking right now to lose the extra pounds. Let’s get started.

Mindframe Matters

For you to lose weight, you’re going to want to lose weight. If you don’t then you’ll keep falling back into the vicious cycle of weight gain. A great way to push yourself in the right direction is to focus on the negatives of weight gain. For example, after you put on the extra pounds, I’m sure you are slower, more mentality stressed, and not feeling so great inside. By staying focused on these, you’ll push yourself to make positive changes.

Stop Doing What You’re Doing

That’s right! The first thing you need to do to shed the extra weight is to stop eating whatever has put on the weight in the first place. If you keep eating foods high in sugar, fat, and carbs, it doesn’t matter how much your work out because you’ll just add those calories back on.

Create a list of what you’re eating daily and eliminate the foods high in sugar, fat and carbs. Because of this, you can get into the right mind frame to conquer your weight gain.

Set a Schedule

It’s tough working out when you don’t have time, so figure out a schedule for yourself. If you’re serious about losing the extra weight, then you’ll have no problem coming up with a schedule that works for you. Consider working out first thing in the morning because you’ll get it out of the way. I’ve noticed waiting to do it later on doesn’t work well because there’s a higher chance of something else getting in the way.

Find the Right Diet Plan

We are in a time where several different workout programs are available. I remember back in 1980, weight loss would often be associated with lifting weights. There was very little emphasis on cardio, supplements, and nutrition. Things have changed drastically, and you now have several options available. Browse the Internet researching what’s available, paying close attention to the type of workout. For example, you might find that high-intensity workouts help shed weight better than traditional cardio. But, give different programs a try for a month until you find one that works well for you.

Focus on Nutrition

A big part of weight loss has to do with the right type of diet so take some time researching diet programs online. As mentioned, the Internet provides a vast amount of free information so you’ll have no problem finding different combinations to try out. After trying a few different ones, you’ll know how your body reacts to the food you consume. Remember, track calories, reduce carbs, and increase your protein intake to 1g per pound. I’ve noticed this is the universal consensus[2] among nutritionists.

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